sectool 0.1.4

security tools collection [metapackage]
 This project is not going to create a new distribution for pretest/auditing,
 but provide several metapackages based on Debian platform to help security
 geeks who can easily install related open source software.


sectool-crypto 0.1.4encryption tools for secure communication, data storage and cryptanalyzing
sectool-dev 0.1.4tools for code auditing, execution path analysis, decompiler
sectool-forensic 0.1.4forensic analysis related utilities
sectool-netutils 0.1.4useful network utilities
sectool-password 0.1.4password cracking, recovery and generator
sectool-pentest 0.1.4penetration and stress testing metapackage
sectool-privacy 0.1.4improve privacy on the Internet
sectool-sniff 0.1.4network package monitoring, analyzer and sniffer
sectool-steg 0.1.4steganographic related applications
sectool-tunnel 0.1.4packet repeater/tunnel/proxy tools
sectool-virus-scanner 0.1.4antivirus scanner for unix
sectool-vulntest 0.1.4vulnerability assessment tools
sectool-wireless 0.1.4wireless monitoring/wardrivers tool