sectool-wireless 0.1.4

wireless monitoring/wardrivers tool
 A metapackage helps you to install a set of tools for wireless network.
 You must config your wireless network first, this package does not help
 you to install wireless device.


airsnort 0.2.7e-1WLAN sniffer
ap-utils 1.4.1+1.5pre1-1Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux
gpsdrive 2.09-2Car navigation system
kismet 2005.04.R1-2Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool
kwavecontrol 0.3-5Wireless device monitoring application for KDE
prismstumbler 0.7.0-2Wireless network sniffer
wavemon 0.4.0b-7Wireless Device Monitoring Application
macchanger 1.5.0-1utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces