sectool-tunnel 0.1.4

packet repeater/tunnel/proxy tools
 A metapackage containing
  * Proxy Hunter
  * Packet Repeater/Tunnel/Proxy Clients


corkscrew 2.0-4tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
cryptcat 20031202-2TCP/IP swiss army knife extended with twofish encryption
httptunnel 3.3-2Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests.
netcat6 0.5-1TCP/IP swiss army knife with IPv6 support
netcat 1.10-27TCP/IP swiss army knife
proxychains 2.1-4proxy chains - redirect connections through proxy servers
redir 2.1-2.1Redirect TCP connections
socat relay for bidirectional data transfer
socks4-clients 4.3.beta2-13Socks4 enabled clients as rtelnet, rftp, ...
stone 2.2e-1TCP/IP packet repeater in the application layer.
stunnel4 2:4.090-1Universal SSL tunnel for network daemons
yaph 0.91-1Yet Another Proxy Hunter