sectool-netutils 0.1.4

useful network utilities
 A metapackage containing
   * Network traffic monitor
   * Console Tools for retrieves files from network
     (http, ftp, gopher, webdav, tftp..)
   * Clients you must have (ssh, snmp, ldap...)


argus-client 2.0.6.fixes.1-2IP network transaction auditing tool
argus-server 1:2.0.6.fixes.1-4IP network transaction auditing tool
arpwatch 2.1a13-2Ethernet/FDDI station activity monitor
atftp 0.7-7advanced TFTP client
cadaver 0.22.2-1command-line client for WebDAV server
cheops 0.61-12Network swiss army knife
cryptcat 20031202-2TCP/IP swiss army knife extended with twofish encryption
curl 7.14.0-1Get a file from an HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or GOPHER server
darkstat 2.6-8a network traffic analyzer
dnsutils 1:9.3.1-2Clients provided with BIND
echoping 5.2.0-2A small test tool for TCP servers
etherape 0.9.0-9graphical network monitor modeled after etherman
etherwake 1.08-1A little tool to send magic Wake-on-LAN packets
fping 2.4b2-to-ipv6-10sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
geoip-bin 1.3.8-1IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library
gq 1.0beta1-2GTK-based LDAP client
greenwich 0.5.2-3Graphical whois client for GNOME
iog 1.03-3Network I/O byte grapher
iperf 2.0.1-1Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool
ipsc 0.4.3-2IP Subnet Calculator for console
iptraf 2.7.0-7Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
lftp 3.1.3-1Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP client programs
mbrowse 0.3.1-4a SNMP MIB browser
mtr 0.69-1Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool
netcat6 0.5-1TCP/IP swiss army knife with IPv6 support
netcat 1.10-27TCP/IP swiss army knife
netdiag 0.7-7Net-Diagnostics (trafshow,strobe,netwatch,statnet,tcpspray,tcpblast)
ntop 2:3.1-2display network usage in top-like format
prips 0.9.4-3Print IP address on a given range
smbclient 3.0.14a-1a LanManager-like simple client for Unix
snmp 5.1.99+5.2.pre1-1NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Apps
ssh 1:3.9p1-3Secure shell client and server (transitional package)
tcpstat 1.4-4.1network interface statistics reporting tool
tcptraceroute 1.5beta6-1A traceroute implementation using TCP packets
tftp 0.17-12Trivial file transfer protocol client
tkmib 5.1.99+5.2.pre1-1NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB Browser
wget 1.9.1-11retrieves files from the web
whois 4.7.4the GNU whois client
zssh 1.5a-1interactive file transfers over ssh