There are some customized linux distributions focuses on information security and network management tools. These distributions are

Majority of distributions are providing bootable cdrom as immediate environment, but this project is not going to create a new distribution for network security related jobs, we providing several metapackages based on Debian platform to help security geeks easily install related open source software on their laptop or workstation.

These security oriented software is only for security professionals would need to perform special operations, such security analysis, penetration testing, forensics, and network auditing. If you want to secure a Debian box, try Harden.

Mostly software are open source and already in the Debian system, some are not, yet. This proejct will provide non-official Debian packages as well.


First, you must upgrade to Debian sid(unstable), check Debian Reference Chapter 5 if you don't know how to do. Then add the two lines below into /etc/source.list

deb ./
deb-src ./
You can download the packages directly form Project Files.


I'm not a DD. I need sponsors who can help me upload the packages to the official distribution tree.

Please submit your flame/request/comment/suggestion to Project Tracker, post questions on Help Forum.


You may make contact with me via email (but I don't reply email at all), please do not send your message without encryption. My Public PGP Key: DC76FEB9, Warning: E3F86E4C was revoked, do not use.